Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 400 g/m2


• For protection of underground insulations – laid down as a base layer in the construction of building foundations. The geotextile protects the hydro-insulation against mechanical damage and puncture, which may be caused by uneven terrain, roots, fittings etc.

• Slope protection – protects against landslides and water loss.

• Road construction – used to increase the carrying capacity of the base; prevents the displacement of the dumping materials and hence cracks in the coverings; drains the base of the road pavement – roadside drainages.

• Railway construction – the geotextile’s functions are the same as those in road construction – an evener distribution of the pressure.

• Dams and dam channels –prevents the displacement of layers and the placed filler materials.

Supplied form: In rolls with maximum weight of 50 kg and width of 220 cm.